Tottenham Billeting

Steam Billet Family Introduction


As we look forward to our season, the team will welcome twenty-five players from across Canada and foreign countries to our city. These players range in age from 15 to 21 years old. Their stay in our city will last from late August until mid-March, depending on playoffs. When these young men become a member of the Tottenham Steam Hockey Jr A Hockey Team they do not live on their own, they do require accommodations. This is where the billet family becomes very important as each player is placed in a home within the local community.  


What is Billeting?


Billeting is when a local family welcomes a visiting player into their home. The family offers to help in providing a safe place for the visiting player.  This called a host family.  The host family is compensated through a billeting fee which is paid by the player.




How to Get Started


If you are interested in exploring this opportunity please email our General Manager & Head Coach.

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